What We Do

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Our Services

Structural engineering is more than just our job – It’s our passion. While our objective is to achieve a sound structure, we also understand the importance of a collaborative approach to projects to accommodate a building’s intended use and function.

Design, Sign and Seal:

  • Roof wood truss drawings
  • Floor joist drawings
  • Wood (beams, headers, columns)
  • Tall wall (components, connections)
  • Steel (beams, columns, trusses)
  • All concrete foundations (single, combined, etc)
  • Concrete columns, slabs

Design & Consulting Services

  • Plan, review and seal – residential and commercial
  • Inspect all structural components for residential, commercial and farm buildings
  • Supply all structural reports and forms, schedules to the authorities (city, province, etc)
  • Component installation inspections
  • Repair details for structural components
  • Ledger Details

Whether it’s a commercial, residential, agricultural or industrial project, you can expect to receive a personal and professional attention to detail that is simply unmatched. Our talented and highly educated staff successfully exceed our clients’ needs and expectations every day.

Questions and ideas are always welcome, please feel free to get in touch with us to get your project underway.